For many years, Peninsula Hotel has always adhered to the business philosophy of putting people first and putting guests first, creating a personalized and creative service style. We advocate for employees to take the hotel as their home, attach importance to the development and maintenance of human resources, and continuously improve the systematic, standardized, and standardized system of operation in various departments of the hotel. At the same time, we develop salary and welfare plans, and establish ability and performance assessment records. For employee training, we have formed a training system at several levels, including pre job training, in job training, and post job training. We actively arrange for personnel to participate in the job vocational training of the National Tourism Administration. At the same time, we have established a fair and just reward and punishment system, holding irregular evaluations of outstanding employees and providing them with material and spiritual rewards. Every year, different cultural and sports activities are held on Labour Day and National Day to enrich the life of employees and enhance the cohesion of the enterprise.

We integrate global standards with local traditional characteristics to provide comprehensive personalized services for guests from all over the world, allowing all guests to experience the unique cultural atmosphere of the hometown of overseas Chinese.





Kaiping Tanjiang Pan tower Hotel Co., Ltd

ADD: No.2 Zhong Yin Road, Kaiping City Guangdong China






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